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PUSHED is a motivational and self-help book filled with practical wisdom and insight that can help any reader understand that their level of success in whatever they choose is proportional to how many no's they can sustain while remaining excited throughout the process.

The central theme of "PUSHED" is that sometimes the worst situations turn out to be the best opportunities. Adversity, failure, and opposition are unavoidable. Most people fail because they abandon their original goal. "Pushed" is intended to encourage its readers not to give up on their dreams or in life, and to remind them that embodying certain skills and principles will be the key to helping them elevate and succeed at the "NEXT LEVEL.”

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As a recent college graduate and entrepreneur, this book has completely transformed my perspective and outlook on life. In the past, I would let fear/doubt create this mental image of "the right time," when there is no such thing and never will be. When we face adversity or a challenge, we often take it personally and wonder, "Why me?"
But this book has taught me to embrace those moments and approach them with more optimism because nothing is a mistake and it's all part of the plan to shift me into my purpose and become electrifying in my dreams/aspirations. I would strongly recommend this book to any college student or anyone who is struggling to find their way in life or who is having difficulty identifying their inner voice.
- College Graduate
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Small Wins represent benchmarks, milestones, and progress points on the way to helping you achieve your goals. There is immense power in small wins because they create momentum, and that momentum movement, which yields results. 


More and more people are trying to win big when they should be trying to win small. After all its the small things that make the biggest difference.

“Great quick read about achieving and maintaining success. Raven does a fantastic job of mixing personal reflection with other sources to convey her message. You better be prepared after achieve your next goal after reading this book.”
- Cory McCain, Minnesota Timberwolves
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